Hoola Modern Agency

We do this primarily by telling powerful and effective stories that are rooted in deep insights, unearthed by analysing online and real world data, and by connecting brand strategies and digital creative, to business functions and organisational objectives



Our solutions are led by world-class research and tailored methodologies to ensure best practice and measurable return-on-investment. Our process defines clear objectives and user, consumer, industry, competitor and communication insights to bolster our strategy. Based on these insights, we determine relevant channels for the target market to create a seamless customer journey that delivers measurable results.


Our pin-pointed target market visual communication and creative content cuts through to engage possibilities and break barriers, ensuring clear and concise messaging lands meaningfully with desired audiences to influence behaviour and outcome or change.

digital & online

Be present. Faster. Effective. Better. It’s imperative to have one’s finger on the pulse of what is current in order to identify and convert every opportunity and to deliver dynamic digital solutions. We listen to, learn from, and then talk with, your market, not at them. Disrupt. Relate. Engage.

analytics & reporting

Track. Assess. Learn. Adapt. Repeat. Succeed. The virtual world has as many variables as the real world. To navigate the course, we need to keep charting the way to ensure we reach our partner organization’s objectives.

brand consultancy

Client partners are managed by a dedicated brand team who seek to understand the organization and business needs. hoola’s Brand Consultants are the drivers of project workflow, as well as systems and pace in our agency. 

Our partners attest to how our


delivers results for them


We have a dynamic vision for our brand and have worked closely with hoola on the strategy which they’ve interpreted wonderfully in a creative execution. hoola has been a massive aid to our internal team in achieving our vision to position Tekkie Town as a modern, relevant, and digitally progressive brand. They have done so with a spirit of enthusiasm and innovation that shows in the results. We’re excited for the journey ahead.
Mohamed Dewan
Chief Operating Officer


The team at hoola is brave and incredibly dynamic. They have brought our needs and ideas to life in an exciting, unexpected way and are delivering unprecedented traction in our digital marketing landscape.
Deirdre Moore
Chief Brand Officer


We love the passion hoola has brought to our brand. From recipe videos to the #TrustTrumps campaign, we have transformed and come alive in the online space.
Dirk Burger