you hoola.
i hoola.
we hoola.
our clients hoola.

hoola is to practice passion, to ignite integrity, to harness humility.
hoola is the place where we find joy in solving remarkable challenges with incredible solutions.
hoola people care. Our work shows our dedication to our partners.
Our partners are our clients and our people, encouraging each other to go further.

We are connected not only amongst ourselves, but with our world and its markets.
We aim to continuously grow together, growing personally, growing business, making our time and effort and people hoola.
We aim to gain perspective and be in the know, maintaining authenticity, through relationships,
by being real. We want to be bold and create work that is up to date, that is present, that is hoola.
We want to be known as a bold agency that hoolas in people’s minds and hearts, establishing and maintaining presence in the market.
We want to be a place where people feel part of a family, inspired to hoola.

We are hoola.
And we are modern.

hoola academy

This is not your father’s internship. This is a chance to join a young, dynamic team who are passionate about the digital space and the possibilities within it. The hoola academy is an internship programme designed for those who want to embark on a career in a world that is forever changing. Learn and grow as you engage in the different spheres of digital marketing, from strategy, to brand management to creative conceptualisation.


You’ll receive one-on-one mentorship from a team of industry veterans, all within a stimulating and exciting environment. Whether you’ve just graduated or have been thinking about flipping the ‘restart’ switch on your career, the hoola Academy is for you.

Danie Brink
CEO & founder


The Vision

Danie Brink - CEO & founder

Danie Brink

CEO & founder

After studying marketing I spent a number of years in the corporate sector. That’s why I founded Brand It Creative Agency in 2016 with a passion for developing people and business and using the digital world to do both.
hoola is the evolution of this realisation and I am excited about the possibilities that await us and our clients.
I have a high value for family and I love the outdoors and the pursuit of an active lifestyle.

The Scientist

Ebert Grobler - COO & Co-founder

Ebert Grobler

COO & Co-founder

With a qualification in Communication Science from UNISA, I have a passion for unlocking the big brand within brave organisations. As a board member of the Brand Council of South Africa, I believe in empowering our people to deliver at the highest industry standards.
My time in the advertising industry has allowed me to work with a number of purpose-driven organisations and brands. I look forward to continuing to do this with hoola and our people while maintaining passion and balance.
As an outdoorsman, I believe that Port Elizabeth is South Africa’s best kept secret and I look forward to raising our family here with my PE-native wife.

The Brush

Jamie Bell - Head of Creative

Jamie Bell

Head of Creative

After studying graphic design at university, I moved to the UK where I worked my way up in agencies such as The Finger, Blair Fowles Advertising and Aylesworth Fleming.
I love the advertising industry because it’s all about the big idea and using creativity to help others see it.
I have designed campaigns for clients including Knickerbox, Volkswagen, Nissan, Jaguar, BKB, Birch’s Man, Hinterveld and Momsen bikes.
When I’m not at my desk I enjoy spending time with my family, catching waves on my 9’6” log or enjoying a good milkshake.

The Sass

Zaanri Sharp - Brand Consultant & hoola Marketing

Zaanri Sharp

Brand Consultant & hoola Marketing

I graduated from NMMU in 2018 with a BA degree in Media, Communication and culture, specialising in Public Relations and. I then studied Digital Marketing through Udemy.
My experience in a number of spheres of the media industry made me realise how much I love the marketing aspect of it and its power to pull them all together.
If I’m not working or reading I’m busy teaching Drama.

The Beat

Sandiswe ‘Jimmy’ Ntshoko - Brand Consultant

Sandiswe ‘Jimmy’ Ntshoko

Brand Consultant

I was born in Mthatha, grew up in East London and later moved to Port Elizabeth to study marketing.
I’ve worked in traditional marketing and sales for brands like Rehabs Books & Tech and Edge Fitness Gym. I have also organised events for Showcase Legends and Legends School of Contemporary Music but I am now excited to move into the digital space and grow with hoola.
I love music – listening to it, studying it and writing it.
Some of my favourite artists include Erykah Badu, Jamiroquai and the late, great Mac Miller. Film is also a big passion of mine, especially anything directed by Martin Scorsese.

The Logic

Jadine van Breda - Strategist

Jadine van Breda


I obtained my BTech in Graphic Design with distinction and went on to gain 5 years of design experience in both corporate and agency settings.
Realising the importance of a great strategy and how it leads the creative big picture, I’ve now moved over to the strategic side of things.
I have a great love for people, problem-solving, food, photography, advertising and am always interested in learning more of just about anything, especially other languages and cultures.

The Fun

Hayley Wong Leith - Brand Consultant

Hayley Wong Leith

Brand Consultant

I graduated from NMMU with a BCOM degree in Marketing and Industrial psychology in 2017 and studied Digital Marketing at the school of Red and Yellow.
I love learning from people through different cultures and perspectives and going on adventures!
I love what I do, because through social media and digital marketing, we are able to go beyond simply selling the product or service – we’re able to engage, create conversation and tell stories with our brands.

The Heart

Michelle Brink - HR & Accounts

Michelle Brink

HR & Accounts

My passion for people inspired me to complete my Bachelor’s Degree in Education with a specialisation in the psychology of education. I want to bring out the very best in people. I have realised that this can be done through education, mentorship or simply playing a support role.
I believe in living a balanced life where family and health come first. I enjoy working in a team where I can inspire people and grow alongside them.

The Wit

Callum Hitchcock - Brand Consultant

Callum Hitchcock

Brand Consultant

I’ve been with hoola from the beginning and have worked with clients in a wide array of industries, acting as their first point of call when it comes to telling authentic brand stories and simplifying user journeys.
Outside of hoola, I am busy completing my Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Economics at Nelson Mandela University, with a specialisation in the Economics of Financial Markets. I’m a long-suffering Spurs fan and treasure the time I get to spend with family and friends.

The Glow

Zahira Obaray - Brand Consultant

Zahira Obaray

Brand Consultant

I graduated from NMMU in 2016 with a BA degree in Media, Communication and Culture and a major in English and Public relations.
I love learning from and connecting with people from different walks of life and keeping a pulse on the ever-changing landscape of our times.
I love working in the creative industry, because we are able to write the narrative and capture people’s hearts by adding more colour to the business world. Advertising is something I’m passionate about because there’s nothing better than opening people’s minds through creative and thought-provoking content.

The Words

Ian Mills - Creative Copywriter & Videographer

Ian Mills

Creative Copywriter & Videographer

I graduated from Nelson Mandela University with my Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Communication and Culture before completing my Honours Degree in English at Rhodes University.
I love working at hoola because I love the power of words and how they can be used to make the public think, laugh and above all, feel.
When I’m not writing punchy copy or proofreading said punchy copy, I enjoy the outdoors, a good binge-watch and the odd adrenaline rush.

The Cool

Nick Erasmus - Senior Creative

Nick Erasmus

Senior Creative

After graduating from Damelin College with a Certificate in PC Engineering, I taught myself web design and I still learn something new about it every day. I am a product of the ‘Digital Boom’ era, with over a decade of experience in the print and design industry.
I have a passion for User Interface Design and logos which makes working at hoola hardly work at all.
In my spare time, I enjoy tennis, playing the drums and running after my 18-month-old son.

The Lens

Dana Hyde - Creative copywriter & Videographer

Dana Hyde

Creative copywriter & Videographer

After obtaining my Bachelor’s Degree in Media, Communication and Culture from Nelson Mandela University, I completed various internships within the media industry, including one for the 2018 IRONMAN triathlon.
Creativity inspires me and I look forward to embracing it in all forms at hoola, whether it’s copywriting, videography or some place in between.
My interests are also fuelled by creativity. I love reading, baking and dabbling in music and photography. I also assist with the Hope Jones Foundation in my spare time.

The Poise

Simphiwe Zondani - Junior Strategist

Simphiwe Zondani

Junior Strategist

I am currently completing my final year of my BA degree in Media, Communication and Culture, majoring in English Literature and Cultural Studies.
I love words, films and art in general as I believe they have the potential to bridge the gaps between people from different worlds.
As a millennial I am at home in the digital world and understand how, for my generation, what we consume is an integral part of our identity. I look forward to being part of an agency that uses the digital space to understand who the consumer is and what they want to consume.

The Foundation

Claudette Erasmus - Brand Consultant & Talent Scout

Claudette Erasmus

Brand Consultant & Talent Scout

With 22 years of experience in a number of industries like engineering, salvage, NPO and advertising, I’m proof that what you learn and see along the way provides a great platform for creative and human insight into any project.
I’m passionate about connecting with people. For me, spending time in nature provides the best creative inspiration and perspective on life.

The Cheer

Brittany Blaauw - Brand Consultant

Brittany Blaauw

Brand Consultant

I graduated from Varsity College with a PR diploma. I then went on to Graduate from Nelson Mandela University with a Btech in Public Relations Management and I am currently pursuing my Btech in Management at the university.
I love travelling, whether it is road trips with my best friends or game drives around our country’s national parks. People and their stories are my passion. I believe that everyone has a story to tell and if I can help relate that story to inspire the next generation, I see it as a job well done.
Working at hoola inspires me because we work as a team to tell stories in the digital space and grow professional brands with a personal approach.


hoola is your modern agency who only employs the best of the best.
hoola is a digital marketing partner that plugs into your organisation to amplify your business efforts.
hoola starts with your business needs to determine the best marketing solutions for your brand.


hoola’s marketing solutions are led by best in class strategy to ensure best practice and a measurable return-on-investment. hoola’s clients are all serviced by a dedicated brand team to ensure that we are always a phone call away. hoola’s creative cuts through the noise and ensures that a clear and concise message lands with your target market and they, on your page.


hoola is your business in the hands of a vested partner – your success is ours. Don’t take our word for it, see our actions. Please peruse our consolidated services for detail on our various solutions.

who we
hoola with

You say clients, we say partners.
We’re not just about crossing off line-items on a spreadsheet. We’re about teaming up, learning from each other and using what we’ve learnt to create something that truly hoolas. That’s how we’ve done it with all our partners and we look forward to adding to the list.

Our Partner testimonials

We have received amazing service from hoola and certainly seen an increase in our online presence. A company that we can certainly recommend to anyone.

Rohan Greyvenstein
Director, Marketing & Conveyancing
The team at hoola is brave and incredibly dynamic. They have brought our needs and ideas to life in an exciting, unexpected way and are delivering unprecedented traction in our digital marketing landscape.

Deirdre Moore
Chief Brand Officer
Just Property

what hoola offers





Brand positioning
Corporate Identity


Brand awareness
Go to market/launch
Product/Services promotions
Social media
Display marketing/
Client retention management
Corporate social responsibility
Digital public relations


Social equivalent advertising
value measurement
Conversion measurement
Campaign reports



Digital creative concepts
Digital application
TTL execution


Graphic Design
Video & Animation 4D
Advertising collateral
Online influencers
Native in-feed ads*

*Material which resembles the
publication’s editorial content

digital & online


Design & UX
Full Stack Development
Hosting and maintenance
Visitor journey tracking
APP development
WEB APP development







Selected in accordance to campaign specific tactics




Brand followers/big data
Competitors, demographics, user interests, geographic, technology, mobile, benchmarking, traffic sources, search console, social media, behaviour, conversion analysis


Reporting that provides valuable insights into visitors, customers and consumers.

*Specialty service


AdWords advertising: Text ads, display ads, programmatic/remarketing, YouTube, mobile specific, website specific.


Social media, email, YouTube, search engine, website, display marketing, programmatic/remarketing, referrals etc.