In 2018, we started out to fill a growing void in advertising:
The lack of PERFORMANCE-DRIVEN marketing
communication solutions.


We aimed to do work that really works for both the brand AND the business.

Since then, we’ve grown to a full service advertising agency connected to the
present, the people, and the world in which we live, providing performance-driven
marketing solutions and purpose-driven change.


In 2018, HOOLA started to fill the growing void in most advertising agencies’ offerings – namely the lack of performance-driven marketing communication solutions. In an age of output measurability and digital metrics, it seemed crazy for brand agencies to be producing work that didn’t translate into a measurable return for clients. So, with the fundamental belief that business leads brand (and not the other way around), the HOOLA engine was built. The rest is history.

The same ‘business results-oriented creative philosophy’ is now applied to all our clients with great business and brand success. At HOOLA, we don’t believe we have to choose between beautiful creative output and intelligent business strategies. In fact, HOOLA marketing communication solutions always aim to deliver both, and we pride ourselves on world-class work coupled with benchmark performance.

Survival during the pandemic required some agility. Starting up a full-service, through-the-line agency without some of the baggage of outdated ad industry mindsets, just before the COVID-19 pandemic, was a blessing in disguise. HOOLA flourished through the pandemic thanks to an agile approach and continues to grow businesses and brands as it stays connected to the ever-changing world, constantly adapting to client and commercial needs.

A big part of the HOOLA story is not only the what and the why, but also the who and the how.

The intention of HOOLA is always to be a collection of beautifully diverse, yet like-minded, people that hold true the values of integrity, humility, and passion as core to their being. People who are capable and talented, but who are also authentic and real, inquisitive and hungry, always learning and growing. People who truly find their joy in pursuing remarkable solutions that make a meaningful impact.



Our purpose is to pursue remarkable impact, for remarkable brands, that do remarkable things. And for those wondering how we got to the name HOOLA… that’s a story for another time, over a cup of coffee. For now, we hope it brings meaning to you – whoever you are – meaning that resembles what we started and exist for. Simply put, the pursuit of remarkable.