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HOOLA was tasked with launching ARDELL Professional South African Social Media pages – to not only promote their artificial lashes and nail products to the South African audience but also to build brand affinity and create a community. Strategy informed our tactics and channels (Instagram & TikTok) and the concept was to have the country identify with the product. This is why we believe it was important to shift the style of ARDELL towards the unique cultures that exist within South Africa, while keeping the distinct tone that ARDELL has internationally.

We wanted to highlight that which makes us African and what makes us different. Production commenced to create photographic visuals that resonate with the South African consumer, that are relatable and are the embodiment of their lifestyle and reintroduce ARDELL as their preferred brand. Through the use of vibrant and earthy colors, paired with creative use of make-up and styling we created beautiful and warm images that celebrated African beauty in all its forms.

Summer ‘23

• Strategy
• Production
• Social Media Design
• Social Media & Community Management

Launch Date: 14 December 2022 (ongoing)
Social Media Roll Out


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