Work // FSC Forest Week 2022

FSC Forest Week 2022

24 – 30 September 2022

It was a pleasure to have the hoola team as a creative partner for our global earned media campaign. Our team was amazed by the quality of their creative work, their proactive and organized approach when working with clients, and the ability to take feedback and quickly turn it around. Thanks to the high quality creative assets, we were able to expand our social media presence by nearly 10 times.

Ngọc Võ
Marketing Manager (Head Office: Bonn, Germany)
FSC International

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Choose Forests. Choose FSC.

hoola was commissioned by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSCTM) to develop a global campaign to celebrate the sustainable forestry efforts of Licence Holders and engage with them. FSC™ Forest Week aims to be an effective earned media and client engagement campaign.


• Campaign strategy & concept
• Content design & production (digital & traditional media)
• Social media rollout plan
• Marketing toolkit
• Translation (9 languages)
• Media engagement
• Reporting


hoola developed the FSCTM Forest Week 2022 campaign, which included the global campaign strategy, concept, design and rollout. The social media assets developed for the campaign toolkit were translated into 9 different languages which allowed Licence Holders, companies and the public to engage with the campaign in their preferred language around the world.


Joined the campaign
+3x from 2021

Forest steward company or
individual posting about
the campaign.


The campaign has become
central to 1186 conversations
+5x from 2021

Conversation = post
referring to the campaign.

42 Million

From these conversations,
it has attracted 96,538
interactions and helped
reach out to potentially 42
million calculated unique users
+9.5x and 3x from 2021