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The Problem

Teneo is an online-only school, with over 9000 students and more than 500 teachers, that empowers children to be future-fit and ready to thrive in the 21st Century. Having experienced great success in South Africa with their progressive online classroom learning experience, including live lessons presented by qualified teachers, and a structured school timetable, Teneo felt that it was time to expand their reach.

The next frontier was the rest of Africa. However, they knew that rolling out their South African strategy across the continent simply wouldn’t do. Towards the end of 2021, Teneo approached hoola in order to help them take Teneo to market in both Nigeria and Kenya with a bespoke category that appealed to the unique norms and attitudes that prevailed in those markets to drive enrolments.

Over a year into a pandemic that had crippled education across the world and especially in emerging economies – like the ones we were targeting – meant that there were many competitors circling in the online education space. We needed to act with surgical precision, and FAST!

The Solution

We knew what was required – and even though there was a short turn around until we launched, we knew that we had to hit the books. Launching a new product in a new market would require RESEARCH! RESEARCH! RESEARCH! Our research into these audiences led us to some universal human truths, like the fact that there are very few things that African parents care more about than education, and the Teneo model is the perfect model to allow them full control of their children’s futures. Along with that, we obviously had to identify our key audiences’ pain points around how their children were currently being educated, and ultimately, identify what they were trying to get out of educating their children.

What we identified is that the output for these consumers was possibility. Teneo’s accredited, expertly taught British International Curriculum was their children’s ticket to the world. It was time to launch with some cleverly tailored messaging around the possibilities that Teneo opened up as well as the handy, functional benefits that were on offer.

We began our campaign with some laser-focused targeting on Google search, Facebook and YouTube pre-roll ads – platforms that our research had shown would be effective. What we experienced was an overwhelming success and can leave no doubt that Teneo is now firmly established on the African continent and has built strongholds in Kenya and Nigeria, with one or two other countries also seeing a surprisingly strong uptick in interest as well – Tanzania being an example.


Results (Over a 5 month period):

300 000

Website visitors

130 Million

Social media impressions

3 742


1 091+

Student applications

An astounding result on a modest budget in a new market.
A lesson in striking while the iron is hot.