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The Problem

Tekkie Town, the largest and most renowned footwear retailer in the country, realised that they have loyal customers seeking “great brands at great prices” but need to connect on an emotional and online level with their customers to build a deeper relationship.

Being in the fashion retail industry that is flush with options, we needed to find a solution that was unique to our brand and the industry, but also demonstrated a true understanding of our audience to be able to re-ignite that deeper connection.

The Solution

So, we created a campaign that spoke to a human truth, which is that everyone is unique. We all experience, live and love differently and no matter what you do, you do it your way, leaving your unique footprint behind.

Our #WALKYOURWAY call-to-action not only gave our customers an opportunity to truly embrace and express themselves, but it also gave them a sense of cultural belonging and it stood for something far greater than any other campaign the brand had ever done before.

Coverage / Reach:


22 504 299

(98% increase)


13 190 000

(544% increase)


1 287 300

(358% increase)


6 845

Competition entries

422 427

New page likes / followers

508 063

Brand video views

3 314 332


195 854

Web sessions from 0

161 715

Web users from 0

Throughout this campaign, Tekkie Town were able to reach new heights as a brand, and successfully created a memorable campaign that delivered the brand’s ethos whilst gaining a deeper relationship with their audience.

Sometimes, it’s not about overdramatising the idea and breaking the mould, but rather about keeping it simple and executing the basics very well, which is what we did in this case.

Music is a universal language and not only did we resonate with our audience in terms of messaging, it was the fact that we were able to deliver our message using a powerful song by Master KG called Skeleton Move. The song had all the right feels – the lyrics of the song were aspirational “No matter where you go, the road will lead you home”, which allowed us to encourage our users to #WalkYourWay no matter the road, and to top it all off, it resonated with a life beyond this campaign.