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Putting the 'human' back into human resources: 3 IMPORTANT WAYS YOU CAN INVEST IN YOUR EMPLOYEES.

By Danie Brink

At hoola, investing time, effort and resources into the growth and development of our team of hoolagans lies at the core of our ethos. For each and every hoolagan to truly practice passion, ignite integrity and harness humility, we know that paying attention to their individual talents, personal needs and professional growth gives them the confidence and ability to continually deliver above and beyond expectations. Creating a working environment in which these amazing individuals can thrive, allows us as a business to deliver world-class services to our clients.

South African businesses are moving towards the end of the financial year, and once again it is time to allocate budgets and set goals for the year ahead. It is therefore important to look at cost / benefit relationships in order to get the most out of your investments into your business…which should include investment into your employees!

So, if your business is looking for simple ways to enable you employees to be at their best, you can start here:

1. Skills development

Hiring the best employees means you can offer the best solutions and services to your customers. But, to be the best, you need to keep improving and developing your skills. This is where companies should pay special attention to their employees’ individual career goals and interests. Effective employee skills development programmes need to be tailored to employees as individuals, to get the most out of them while they continue to grow. Keeping up-to-date with the latest technologies and communicating industry insights gives your employees the opportunity to be the best versions of themselves today, and creates an environment for them to improve tomorrow.

2. Self-development

Not to be confused with skills development, self-development speaks more to your employees’ personal growth as individuals. Companies can assist in this process by having authentic conversations with employees on a personal level, to understand their unique challenges and help to develop a roadmap for their personal growth and success. A great way to do this is providing employees with a ‘wellness wheel’ (see figure below) and guiding them on how to make use of it.

The integrity of a wheel depends on the correct functioning of each spoke. As soon as a wheel speeds up, there is a risk of it flying off the vehicle, which can create damage for the vehicle itself and those around it. The same is true of a wellness wheel. Individual wellness depends on many factors, and ensuring that attention is paid to healthy development and maintenance of each of these areas is critical to employee health and wellness, and by extension that of the company as a whole.

Figure 1: Wellness Wheel (Reference link). Credit: Yale School of Medicine

3. Take suggestions and listen to opinions

For many employees today, one of the biggest issues they experience in the workplace is the fact they feel that their opinions and views are not listened to or valued, even after having given a significant amount of time and effort to their employer.

Your employees spend the majority of their week at work, so it’s crucial they feel their feedback is appreciated, listened to, and acted upon. Asking questions and encouraging your employees to provide you with feedback will enable you to create a workplace that meets everybody’s expectations.

The take-away from all of this is simple – treat your employees as human beings and individuals by recognising their unique talents, desires, goals and challenges. Doing the best you can to assist employees in their own personal growth and development, means that those employees will have an increased desire and skill-set to help your business be the best it can be.

So, invest in your employees, and then get ready to show your clients what your business can really do…
By hoola-ing with us!

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