Brand Evolution

A New Look and Direction

Campaign Run Date: November 2018 – October 2019
Trumps have predominantly operated in the traditional advertising space. They needed to establish an online presence or risk losing market share to their competitors.

We were tasked with taking the Trumps brand into the online space, with the primary goal of creating brand awareness that would result in Trumps being top of mind for consumers wanting to purchase baking products.

We developed a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, focused on increasing brand awareness organically (i.e. no paid advertising). We created and established the brand pillars, narrative, tone, voice, character, key messaging etc. for all social media content that would be created for their Facebook and Instagram pages.

We also designed various digital assets (standard templates, page banner images and copy, etc.), in-line with the newly developed brand CI and personalities. Quarterly strategies were then formulated to increase brand awareness for the first year, allowing for clear cut-off periods to assess the results and adjust strategies and content accordingly.


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A New Look

We established a presence on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for the Trumps brand. We crafted content informed by the newly created brand pillars (outlined below) and ran engaging social media campaigns under each pillar.

Trumps has a trusted heritage and legacy; they are authentic and relatable; encouraging people of all ages to be creative and above all, enjoy their baking. Communicating these values effectively was achieved through the various products within the Masterbrand (Trust Trumps) campaign which included these brand pillars:

Ms Trumps (brand character) – teaching and encouraging people to bake by providing baking tips, tricks, advice and life hacks. Ms. Trumps is the personification of the Trumps brand, providing a relatable and familiar character for the audience to engage with.

#PunInTheOven – using creative puns about general baking and the key ingredients of Trumps through social commentary, humour and celebrations.

Promos (products and competitions) – showcasing Trumps’ products and inspiring people to get creative and enjoy baking by providing recipes (focussed on particular products), and running competitions. We created individual product categories, each with their own unique personality, brand character and target audience (but, still supporting and operating within the Masterbrand – Trust Trumps).

Results (November 2018 – October 2019)
Coverage / Reach:

Facebook: Increased from 30 to 352 255
Instagram: Increased from 0 to 128 630

Facebook: Increased from 479 to 355 985
Instagram: Increased from 0 to 183 215
Twitter: Increased from 0 to 18 331

Facebook: Increased from 13 to 12 405
Instagram: Increased from 0 to 6 599
Twitter: Increased from 0 to 203

Facebook: Increased from 2 to 6 633 at end of period
Instagram: Increased from 0 to 400 at end of the period
Twitter: Increased from 0 to 321 at end of period

The establishment of an online presence for the Trumps brand across multiple platforms has been a remarkable success. Reach, brand awareness and engagement with the target audience have all increased dramatically; Trumps is now in a position to market their products to a larger target audience, while directly engaging with them on a personal level. They now also have the ability to quickly adapt to changing consumer needs and interests and take advantage of new opportunities as they arise.

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