Tekkie Town Journeys

Brand Campaign Video Series

Go-Live Date: October 2020
HOOLA conceptualised and produced a series of 5 storytelling videos with the objective of elevating Tekkie Town’s relationship with their customers. Thabo Maloi’s story shown here was the best performing journey video receiving excellent results.

HOOLA conceptualised the Walk Your Way campaign with the aim of helping Tekkie Town relate to their customers base. Hoola produced a series of videos showcasing different walks of life, meaning different people’s life journeys with specific focus on their passions. The videos were rolled out from 2020-2022 on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google.


• Full Production for 5 videos (1:50 avg)
• Scriptwriting
• Storyboarding
• Voice Over recording
• Filming & Editing
• Photographic Stills
• Social Media Design• Full Production Service
• Social Media Design

Journeys (January 2020-September 2022) Thabo’s story flighted live on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and Google, and was perceived phenomenally by the Tekkie Town customer base which is evident through the amount of people that engaged with Thabo’s story through various platforms.

Google: Video Views: 488,320
Impressions: 1,086,678
Engagements: 596,845
Clicks: 8,612
FB & IG: Video views: 2.1 million
Impressions: 2,449,449


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