Live for Leggacy Campaign

Brand Campaign

Go-Live Date: 8 August 2022
Conceptualise, and execute a 3 month campaign with the purpose of increasing sales and brand awareness in the Western Cape.

“We really enjoy working with the vibrant team from hoola. They understand our product and customer needs and the campaigns that they did, went very well and got our message across to our target market.“

Nulaid Team

Live for Leggacy

• Social media content
• Campaign video
• Microsite
• In-store POS (Category banner & On-pack stickers)
• In-store activations
• Develop a campaign Strategy and Concept
• Create a microsite
• Production & Project Management
• Campaign Reporting

The campaign ran in 10 Checkers and Shoprite stores across the Western Cape:
Number of entries: 109
No. of sales (estimation) – 600*
(This figure was sourced from in-store activators, and aren’t for the full campaign period)
No. of people reached on social media – 117 000*
These figures were taken from the mid-campaign report. Final figures to be determined once the report is finalised.


Case Study

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Story Motion Graphic

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