Farm Fresh Fast Food Campaign

Behavioural Change to Drive Sales Growth

Campaign Run Date: October – December 2019
Nulaid is part of the big 5 players in the egg industry (they hold 10% of the market share), making them the biggest egg company in South Africa. Their largest egg poultry farm is in the Eastern Cape and it was believed that they were missing a big opportunity in the region due to low brand awareness.

We were tasked with developing a promotional campaign that would increase brand awareness and market share of Nulaid Eggs in the Eastern Cape.

The purchasing behaviour behind buying eggs is primarily driven by price, which was why we had to position ourselves as a healthy, cost effective solution. Our promotional campaign would focus on the non-functional benefits of eggs and utilise ‘human truths’ to craft the campaign strategy and messaging.

We conducted research on the market environment and identified Nulaid’s competitors in that space – the following insights were gained:

People require a cheap, on-the-go, healthy source of protein.
Life is busy – most people don’t have time to prepare proper meals for breakfast, lunch and supper, which means they often end up buying junk food or unhealthy fast food.
Nulaid’s competitors in the market are the fast-food / take-away industry.
Competitors can leverage the fact that eggs need to be cooked before eaten.

Our solution was to re-position Nulaid Eggs as a healthier, cheaper alternative to fast-food by likening a ‘ready boiled egg’ to ‘take-away food’. Along with the health awareness movement, and considering the costs of healthy food, we were confident in our belief that a ‘ready boiled’ Nulaid egg was the perfect healthy food on-the-go for any LSM.

Case Study

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Farm Fresh
Fast Food

In order to achieve the objective, it was necessary to devise and communicate a message that would facilitate a change in human behaviour i.e. from buying unhealthy, fast food meals, and present Nulaid Eggs as a healthier, on-the-go alternative.

The campaign was targeted at the following audience:
• TM1 – Eastern Cape, Urban people (people who DO eat eggs)
• TM2 – Eastern Cape, Rural people (people who DO eat eggs)

We crafted a call to action for the campaign – ‘Grab some Goodness-to-go!’
This was communicated through OOH (out-of-home) advertising i.e. lamp pole adverts, to create awareness; in-store point-of-sale marketing was used to drive promotions.

We conducted taxi rank activations where mascots handed out sachets of condiments and take-away bags to passers-by and encouraged them to go get their Farm Fresh Nulaid Eggs. This campaign marketing activity was supported by a social media competition where entrants could stand a chance to win a convection oven.

Results (November 2018 – October 2019)
Results for the campaign period – October 2019 – December 2019:

Social Media Platforms:
2270 new followers
47 266 people engaged with the brand
530 319 unique people reached
270 fans showed us how they prepared their eggs for the online competition

1 974 people reopened the Please Call Me message – this means that our message was effective and people went back to go and look or reopened to show someone else.

Retail Sales:
An increase of 7553 unit sales in one month from the specific stores we targeted in the Eastern Cape

The campaign achieved the desired results – unit sales increased throughout the target region and the increase across all social media metrics clearly shows a marked increase in brand awareness for Nulaid Eggs within the target region.


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“We really enjoy working with the vibrant team from hoola. They understand our product and customer needs and the campaigns that they did, went very well and got our message across to our target market.“

Nulaid Team