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Positioning & Website

Campaign Run Date: October 2019 – January 2020
Mastertons are the oldest roastery in South Africa, with 95 years of knowledge and mastery of their craft. They are a well-established brand in the Eastern Cape and have positioned themselves as the coffee experts, knowledgeable, relatable and having a personal touch when it comes to their products and customers.

Mastertons wanted to introduce and land their brand in KZN, gain product trial and conversion at key retailers (Spar and Checkers) and engage with a younger target audience, while not losing their heritage i.e. ‘olde world’’ look and feel. To achieve these objectives, we were tasked with refreshing their brand positioning and creating a new e-commerce website with immersive brand UX.

We started by gaining an understanding of the KZN market and the older/younger TM relationship with coffee. The following insights were gained:
• Older TM – prefer Facebook and buy bags of coffee more for ‘coffee sake’ than ‘lifestyle sake’.
• Younger TM – prefer Instagram and buy/drink coffee more for the ‘lifestyle sake’ than ‘coffee sake’.
• Younger TM – Have a stronger desire for status and recognition and thus are more likely to purchase premium brands, both for the intrinsic and extrinsic (social status) benefits.
• Consumers trust reliable, well-established brands that consistently deliver high quality products i.e. consumers trust legacy.

From these insights, we created the ‘Share a Legacy’ campaign. Through this we could communicate the Mastertons legacy (95 years of producing premium coffee; masters of their craft) in the KZN region, invite the audience to share in this legacy, as well as, encourage them to share their own legacy on social media platforms.

We used in-store (Spar and Checkers) and online competition, an online campaign on Facebook and Instagram (speaking directly to an older and younger TM) and designed a new e-commerce website with immersive brand UX to drive the ‘Share a Legacy’ campaign.

Share a Legacy

The primary driver for the campaign was the #ShareALegacy competition. The competition was designed to increase brand awareness, drive sales in-store and increase engagement on our targeted social media platforms and website.

Consumers would enter the competition by purchasing a packet of Mastertons Coffee in-store, WhatsApp their till slip with their names to 082 862 5459 and then stand a chance to win a Bean-to-Cup Machine and Hamper worth R25 000.

This was supported through paid advertising targeted at the KZN region (Western Cape and Eastern Cape regions followed, giving the KZN market more exposure to content and the competition itself).

Competition Period: October 2019 – January 2020

*Coverage / Reach:

Facebook: 1 578 119 (329.83% Increase)
Instagram: 30 960 (141.89% Increase)

*Organic results with minimal media spend (R9 000)

371 competition entries
1575 new page likes / followers (9.64% increase)
94640 engagement (1567.37% increase)
Web sessions – 9.1% increase
New web users – 9.4% increase

Throughout this campaign, Mastertons were able to reach a larger and younger target audience and see positive market penetration results in KZN (primary target region).

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