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Campaign Run Date: February – April 2021
Decorland is a trusted South African brand with over 47 years of experience, offering a wide range of stylish, quality DIY window décor at affordable prices. In 2020, we started working together to grow the brand.

We were tasked with developing a campaign to target DIY-ers over the January/February period to generate sales, drive new-brand awareness and make Decorland top of mind when it comes to home DIY and window décor.

A target audience needed to be identified – enter the ‘staycation’ diy-ers!

We wanted to inspire the audience to pursue their creativity and individualism while on their ‘staycations’. So, we devised and communicated a message that you don’t need experts to make your home look beautiful and impress your guests, in fact, Decorland has exactly what you need to ‘Make It Yours!’

We developed and rolled-out a tactical online media campaign to increase brand awareness using a combination of social media platforms, online décor publications (Visi Mag & Student Brands) and partnering with design and lifestyle influencer – Miss Lucky Pony, to inspire and empower the audience to DIY their way to the look they’ve always wanted for their homes.
And the results were beautiful!


Over the 10 week campaign period (February to April 2021 – 10 weeks), Decorland’s social media went wild: Instagram – 230% increase in profile views and a 104% increase in engagement; Facebook – over 2900% increase in positive engagement actions, 1271 new followers and a 178% increase in post shares. The ad campaign generated R292 000 in revenue, and would go on to deliver even more sales revenue after the campaign period ended through the ads people had already seen.

In summary, it’s clear that when it comes to impressing guests with your DIY window décor…

Decorland has everything you need to ‘Make It Yours!’

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“Our experience has been very good. hoola provides valuable insights into business process and how it can be best applied to a branding and marketing strategy. At hoola business really does lead brand.

Engaged, professional and dedicated staff, we feel that the Hoola team is in a true partnership with us to build our brand and business.“

Janet De Villiers
Marketing Executive