Hoola Modern Agency

hoola Modern Agency continues to deliver remarkable impact

hoola Modern Agency has been growing rapidly since its founding as one of the only digital agencies in PE in 2016, to a thriving modern, digital advertising and design agency, partnering with clients throughout South Africa, sub-saharan Africa and Internationally.

“The vision was always to start locally, move into the national space over four to five years, and then into the international market in 10 years,” said hoola CEO, Danie Brink, “The fact that we’ve been able to establish ourselves in the international market ahead of schedule, while still scaling the business in a sustainable way is both humbling and exciting.”

The past year has seen the Agency build on their digital offering through their Digital Innovation division, which has enabled them to tell more powerful and effective stories that are rooted in deep insights, unearthed by analysing online and real-world data.

The Agency also welcomed advertising industry heavyweight, Pedro de Carvalho, to their leadership team in 2021 as New Business Director, to continue to drive national and international market penetration and elevate their business offering as they forge ahead into the new financial year.

For many businesses, the past two years have been tough, both locally and abroad. Brink said adapting to challenges as they arise, staying agile and fluid enough to adapt, while having robust structures in place to absorb economic shocks, was vital to any business’ continued success.

“Modern marketing in an ultra-connected world means that business leads brand,” said Brink. “It takes agility, bravery, insight-driven strategy, and a channel agnostic approach to create a seamless customer journey that delivers measurable business results.”

“We value strong and agile partnerships with brave clients that deliver remarkable impact in both business and brand, through collaboration.”

There was no doubt that the excitement of continuously evolving and growing hoola as a business brought with it many challenges, one being the risk of losing sight of the company’s core values and culture, which has served as a foundation for their rapid growth into a national agency that now also partners with international clients.

Brink, however, said they truly understood this risk and that their core values, as well as their company culture, will always remain important to them.

“When it comes to values, you’re only really tested when you’re under pressure and I can say, with a lot of humility and thankfulness, we’ve been able to do that throughout the years, and continue to do so, even through this exciting period of growth into the international market.”

Brink said when he looked at the team and how much the company has grown, not only in revenue, but in staff and clients serviced, it was incredible to see that they still serviced clients with the same, if not better, levels of passion, humility and integrity.

“We remain committed to being a purpose-driven collective, dedicated to delivering remarkable impact, while exercising empathy, pioneering potential and harnessing humility.”