Hoola Modern Agency

hoola awarded Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency 2022 - Southern Africa

hoola Modern Agency was proud to have been recently awarded the coveted title of Most Trusted Digital Marketing Agency 2022 – Southern Africa, by AI Global Media. The award was presented at the MEA Markets 2022 African Excellence Awards earlier this month. 

The African Excellence Awards—now in its sixth year—aims to highlight the companies within the African continent for their exemplary and innovative work in their industries by showcasing and honouring their achievements on the global stage. 

Africa is home to a growing and thriving market where innovation is the driving force in order to compete with the developed world on a global scale. AI Global Media has shown, through their continued work in highlighting the achievements of African businesses, that companies such as hoola are in a prime position to be at the forefront of that innovation. 

Passion. Integrity. Humility.

These are the ideals by which hoola plies its trade. They believe that these core values are what enable the agency to create strong relationships with clients. Trust is all important to building these relationships and opens the door to true collaboration, which allows hoola to deliver remarkable impact for their clients.

To be considered the most trusted digital marketing agency in Southern Africa is a testament to hoola—and all involved with the agency.

hoola would like to extend their thanks to AI Global Media for the award and hopes to continue to be the trusted partner for all things digital and beyond.

The agency doesn’t plan to rest on this achievement and remains dedicated to growing alongside their clients to deliver even greater results—for both the agency, and every company who places their trust in them.