August is Women’s Month, and it has prompted me to reflect on the role and importance of women in the workplace, and more specifically in the advertising industry. A recent statistic on female representation in the South African advertising industry should give us all a pause for thought. A mere 3% of creative heads are female, while there is unquestionably a wealth of exceptional female creative talent in our industry, why is it that we do not see more female creative heads? Across most of…Continue Reading “Women in the Workplace”

There really is no amount of news coverage that can do the scale of the COVID-19 pandemic justice. We’ve seen millions infected, and many billions more affected by the outbreak. Only history will reveal the true effect on our society and our psyche.  However, as has been the case throughout history, necessity has proven to be the mother of invention. As people have been forced to forego their morning commutes for Zoom audio checks and have grappled with whether they’re living at work instead of…Continue Reading “It’s time to invest in e-commerce”

Man looking at analytics on Ipad

Everyone is switching on to the potential of online marketing, from the baker to the banker, but only a few are affording it the same trust or even remotely investing the same advertising budget as they are into traditional marketing. Traditional advertisers are hesitant to make the switch. To quell these doubts, here are 3 reasons to back online marketing all the way.

Augmented reality has become a hot topic in almost every industry; from software to healthcare. By 2020, experts predict that there will be more than a billion users of this technology. The success of apps like Snapchat has created a boom in the industry and inspired big brands like Adidas, Coca-Cola and Google to start applying augmented reality to their marketing campaigns.