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It’s clearer than ever that remote work is the future. In its State of Remote Work 2020 Report, Buffer found that 98% of respondents wanted to work remotely, at least part of the time for the remainder of their career, while 57% of respondents were already working fully remotely.


As we know, the last few weeks are likely to push that number even higher. As more companies send employees home to work and countries instruct people to shelter in place, we’ve reached a critical juncture. This crisis is pushing employers to recognise how much of their employees’ work CAN be done from home. Right now, working from home allows us to continue our work safely. In the future, it may become the norm.

If you’re transitioning to a partially remote or even fully remote workforce, you’ll quickly find that one of the biggest challenges may be in keeping your company culture healthy and consistent across various teams and time zones. These five ideas can help you maintain your company culture with remote employees.

Team hoola at their year-beginning function earlier this year. Photo: Supplied

Take advantage of technology

There are a growing number of tools that make scaling a company culture across a remote workforce more manageable. From communication platforms like Slack, to video conferencing services like Zoom, these tools are integral to staying connected with people who aren’t physically in the office every day.

Be considerate

Whether all or part of your company is working remotely, colleagues need to be extra considerate. There are small but significant things everyone at the organization can do to make sure everyone is included in the culture.

Celebrate with your remote workers

Company cultures become stronger in times of celebration. Unfortunately, it can be tough to celebrate when everyone is remote. There are many creative ways to address this. For example, you can rotate the times that an ‘all-hands’ meeting is hosted so everyone has a chance to join regularly.

Communicate, communicate, communicate

Communication is key to maintaining a cohesive company culture. But the need to over-communicate becomes even more pronounced when collaborating with remote workers. You may find it helpful to create a document that codifies communication guidelines for your employees.

Support employee mental health and wellness

You might expect that working from home would encourage better habits. After all, without the time spent commuting, we should have more opportunities to go for a walk, squeeze in a workout, and make a healthy meal. Unfortunately, things don’t always pan out this way – especially during a crisis such as a global pandemic.

So, as an increasing number of businesses shift towards a remote working environment, don’t lose the unique personality that lies at the core of your company – the people and culture!